We offer complete CCTV services including:

  • HD-SDI CCTV cameras & IP-CCTV cameras

  • Alarm Monitoring

  • CCTV camera upgrades

  • CCTV security design

  • CCTV fault repair & support

  • Installation & maintenance

12 month guarantee on all our CCTV camera installations.

Commercial CCTV

CCTV can play a major role in protecting your business premises as it allows your site to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, recording any criminal activity for evidential purposes. With a range of high tech security options such as IP-CCTV and HD-SDI CCTV, you can be sure of complete peace of mind when you leave the office for the day.

Education CCTV

Video surveillance has proven time and time again to be a sound investment. Recent statistics show a noticeable reduction is crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. For schools and universities, budgets are always a concern which is why it is crucial you have the most suitable security for your building’s needs.

Retail CCTV

Over the years, CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime prevention and detection by monitoring antisocial behaviour and gathering evidence. Retail units and shopping centres can attract large groups and antisocial behaviour. Make sure you have a good security system in place.

Public CCTV

Public buildings such as hospitals and libraries need a high level of CCTV not only to protect the property but also to protect the staff. As well as deterring criminal behaviour and reducing crime, Public CCTV cameras can help provide a more secure working environment by protecting both staff members and the general public.


Wireless Solution provides wide range of Biometric Access Control system to secure your physical and intellectual property. When you install Biometric Access Control systems you not only protect your physical or intellectual property but it increases the credibility among your customers that you care for the security of their data’s and builds a good reputation about you and your company among your customers. Wireless Solution offers you affordable Biometric Access control system solutions in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. We have wide range of Biometric access control systems for human identifications like Finger print, Iris, Voice and Hand Geometry.

What is Access Control system?

Access Control system is an electronic security system which can restrict unauthorized persons accessing your place or resources.

What is Biometric Access Control System?

To identify peoples using their physical identities like fingerprint, iris, voice and hand geometry and allow or disallow them to a particular access is called as Biometric Access control systems.

How it works?

When an access is granted for a person the door unlocks and allows the person to access your secured area and all his/her transactions are recorded digitally. When the access is refused the door remains locked to the user and the attempted access is recorded digitally. Allows companies to restrict or grant permissions strictly to authorized persons.

Our expertise

With more than five years of experience in Access control and surveillance industry we have established ourselves as one of the leading security and surveillance companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the span of five years we have served more than 1000 satisfied clients from all over the Kingdom . We know the importance of security and only offer world class products to our clients so that system remains fool proof and secured. We offer wide range of access control devices and equipments to suit your specific requirements.

Advantages of Biometric Access Control system

  • Increase the security of your place to multifold by allowing only authorized people’s access your network

  • Affordable

  • Very accurate

  • Saves cost

  • Increase your credibility among your customers

  • Very fast and captures your details in seconds

  • Like in traditional systems there is no need to change your locks when your employee resigned and easily delete their access and they cannot enter your secured area

  • Reduces energy bills and protect the environment

  • Physical identities like fingerprint, iris, voice and hand geometry.


Basic Idea Of EAS Detection System Components Involved.

  • Detection Controllers

  • Auxilliary Antenna’s

  • Alarm/ Remote Alarm System

Types of EAS

  • Pedestal

  • Concealed

  • Discreet

RFID Tracking Warehouse Management

Using the latest RFID Technology, get your warehouse management much simpler, all of your stock’s data is imprinted into the software using the RFID circuit or chip on the product labels, this cost effective solution lets you know the exact movement of your stocks.

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